Lank Institute for Sexual Addiction and Recovery

The Lank Institute for Sexual Addiction and Recovery (LISAR), founded by Dr. Brigitte Lank, is and outpatient sexual addiction and compulsivities treatment program consisting of sex addiction assessment, individual psychotherapy, group education, group psychotherapy, relapse prevention groups and couples psychotherapy. If indicated and utilized, an integrated treatment model developed by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.; areas of clinical concern include but are not limited to: cybersex addiction, compulsive masturbation, use of pornography, sex clubs, strip clubs, bath houses, prostitutes, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

LISAR treatment Addresses:

Key Concepts About Addictive Behavior in Fantasy and Reality
Breaking the Denial Systems of Individual and Families
Intimacy, Boundaries and Addictive Behavior
Sabotage and Addictive Behavior and Beliefs
Trauma and Addictive Reenactment
Developmental arrest enacted in Addiction
Identification of Negative Core Beliefs
Affect Intolerance and Tolerance
Establishing Healthy Sexuality, Sexual Fantasy and  Sexual Behavior
Integration of Sober Support System
Relapse Awareness and Prevention Skills Training

LISAR facilitates in assessment, diagnosis, outpatient treatment, discharge consultation, and transition treatment from residential to a psychotherapeutic setting, tertiary treatment or extended care; assists organizations, employers, treatment facilities, mental health clinicians and individuals. The sexual disorders assessment and treatment  provides return-to-work prognoses for professionals who have engaged in, or have been accused of workplace sexual violations. LISAR evaluations helps to clarify any psycho-sexual concerns; resulting in an assessment, diagnosis and treatment (if indicated).