LISAR Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy consists of three (3) phases.

Phase I: Forty Day Focus
Phase II: 90 Day Prep 
Phase III 90 Day Focus

One contributor to sex addicts' problem behaviors is their difficulty establishing healthy intimacy and appropriate boundaries in personal relationships. Individual treatment encourages clients to evaluate personal relationships and share about their fears and concerns with intimacy in a safe, therapeutic environment. Therapeutic work includes looking at obsessive tendencies and the addiction to fantasy as a way to avoid pain and past trauma, injury or hurt. Through an extensive sexual/relational history, pains of the past and traumatic relationships are identified and explored.  Boundary plans are constructed so as to make clear the persons and places that support and lead to destructive behaviors.  Healthy coping mechanisms are identified and put into place for support as well as learning essential self-care habits, and how to self-soothe and stay in the present.  Core work is on the development of the self and learning how to have intimate connections with others while tolerating anxiety.

The addiction is often characterized as a problem that involves any type of uncontrollable sexual activity that is secretive, shaming or abusive.  Addicts report that after they engage in these behaviors they often feel distressed and full of despair.  Denial causes the sex addict to ignore or minimize the problem, justify and/or rationalize the consequences, and/or blame others.  Early childhood trauma may lie at the root of the problem. A comprehensive assessment period takes place whereby a full history of the patient is examined. 

Individual work offers clients an opportunity to gain insight into their own sexual addiction process, to develop an individual plan for sexual behavior change and develop and ongoing sexual recovery plan to maintain long term sexual health. For some, individual treatment will include a group process. Other clients may require or choose a longer individual process. Clients already in individual therapy with outside clinicians are encouraged to continue with those therapists. LISAR will work in collaboration all existing treatment providers.