LISAR Couples Psychotherapy: Partners/Spouses/Co-Sex Addict (CoSA) Psychotherapy

Couples psychotherapy is available as adjunctive to a client’s primary individual treatment process. While it is usually encouraged, it must be clinically indicated. Partners experience the sexual acting-out of their significant other in a variety of ways. CoSA specific therapy is focused on helping partners develop strategies and insights to cope with the range of emotions (fear, anger, concern and confusion) that involvement with a sex addict can bring, as well as involvement with a recovering sex addict. Partners are encouraged to have their own therapist to help them gain knowledge about sexual addiction and to have support and advocacy of their own.

Partners will be assessed with the Partner's Sexual Co-Addiction Screening Test (PSCoAST) and the Betrayal Bond Index (BBI), which was designed to help those who might be questioning whether they might have a problem in their involvement with a sex addict.

There are often years of built up pain and resentment causing an avoidance of intimacy and problems with sexual desire.  Couples facing recovery from sexual addiction have a better chance of staying together if they commit to a rigorous course of treatment and sobriety both separately and together.  Issues such as infidelity, rebuilding trust, sexual boundaries, and integrating sobriety into the relationship are addressed early on.

As the therapy addresses these issues, co-dependent dynamics begin to shift and the couple moves out of a blame and shame cycle.  As each person develops a more solid sense of self in relation to their own recovery with honest movement towards a healthy differentiation and interdependence develops. Emphasis is placed on the couple beginning to address their concerns about being sexual with one another and be assisted in having explicit conversations about creating their ideal sex life.  Education and information about what healthy intimacy and
healthy sexuality is will be provided to support their mutual vision for their future.