LISAR Assessment

The LISAR Assessment is an evaluation process which utilizes validated tests and focuses on psychological functioning, sexual behavior(s), and personality profile related to specific concerns in question.
The LISAR Assessment includes a comprehensive, empirically based testing process for professional organizations, governing boards or self referral and consists of an extensive clinical interview, self-report measures, and a representative group of objective sexual assessments.

Who is an appropriate referral for a LISAR Assessment?

Organizational, employment or treatment facilities, concerns precipitating an evaluation: Accusations of workplace sexual boundary violations; Internet or other pornography viewed in the workplace; Multiple concerns or claims of sexual harassment; Sexual harassment: Use of a "power position or role" to obtain sexual favors; Sexual violations of ethical and moral work guidelines; An individual who identifies a history of problematic sexual behaviors.

Self – referral/ Marriage or Primary Relationship concerns due to sexual behavior: Sexually Addictive or Offending Behaviors are escalating; Problem Sex Continues Despite Therapy, recovery and or 12-Step involvement; Work or Family Life Harmed By Sexually Addictive Behaviors ; Drug or Alcohol Problems Related To Sex; Replaying a Sexual Trauma History

How long does the LISAR Assessment take?

The LISAR Assessment process takes 2-4 days. Participants can expect to be occupied anywhere from 2- 4 hours on any given day.

What instruments/tests are used for the LISAR Assessment?

The following instruments, if appropriate, will be administered:

Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest (AASI)
Betrayal Bond Index (BBI)
Cyber Sex Use Inventory (SUI)
Extensive Clinical Interview (ECI)
Gay Sexual Addiction Screening Test (G-SAST)
Internet Sexual Screening Test (ISST)
Male G-Sexual Addiction Screening Test (G-SAST)
Partner's Sexual Co-Addiction Screening Test (PSCoAST)
Sexual Addiction Screening Test-Revised (SAST-R)
Sexual Anorexia Inventory (SAI)
Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI)
Women’s Sexual Addiction Screening Test (W-SAST)
Other psychological instruments as indicated

What is done with the assessment/test results?
A comprehensive, formal written report is provided within 7 days for assessment findings of the LISAR Assessment and provided confidentially to the referring individual or referring organization, only with the examinee’s consent. The LISAR Assessment report will provide an overview of assessment results, a detailed clinical profile of the individual and the report will include a diagnosis and treatment recommendations (if indicated).